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Subject: Re: Trickle Charging
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2002-12-10

Uwe Freese wrote:
> Charging on means charging with ~300 mA, charger off means decharging
> ~100mA.
> So start charging at intervals 15 sec (charge) - 45 sec (decharge) (or is
> this what you call trickle charge?).

Yes, this fits my thinking of trickle charge. Maybe we should have the V/mA or watt rating of the charger configurable, affecting the intervals. This way we can have safe trickle charging using non-default chargers too, such as the Archos Travel Charger which outputs 12V 1A!

> Check the voltage every minute and adjust the values. E.g. if the
> voltage is too low, charge 16 s and decharge 44 s.
> I think this should work very well and keep the batteries full.

Sounds good to me.

> However, the feature should be configurable (on/off), because this is
> not good when using the player all the time plugged in.
> Another possibility is to only enable it when deep discharge is off. Or
> maybe:
> - start trickle charge after a complete charge cycle if deep discharge
> is off
> - stop trickle charge after 12h, because charging over a long time is
> not good for the batteries

Both a master on/off setting and the above two "safety cut-offs" are good ideas in my opinion.


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