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Subject: RE: Archos plans to ship Rockbox with Jukebox Studio
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-12-11

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Justin Heiner
> In my opinion it is more than worth it. The goal of most any
> product is user acceptance, and having archos ship rockbox
> would get alot more users.
The thing is, RockBox is not a product by itself, you cannot buy and sell
RockBoxes - only Archos can do that. More users means more feature
requests, and we have loads of these already.

I thought the point of RockBox was to make a certain product do what we
actually want, not to boost Archoses sales (with absolutely no outlay on
their part).

As you can tell, I think this deal is too one sided. What happens to
RockBox when the AJB line is discontinued, all that time and effort spent
supporting/making it a better product is wasted. I would love for RockBox
to continue to grow, but it cant grow if there is nothing to run it on.

Ask yourselves this question... If your AJB blew-up/got stolen/lost today,
would you buy a replacement again straight away without a moments
hesitation, or would you do a little research into the newer devices that
are now available? My point is that the AJB range is fast becomming
obsolete, and I would hate to have to use anything other than RockBox - but
if this new device has bells and whistles that I want/need then I have no

Archos will probably more likely "borrow ideas" from RockBox for their new
products, than allow an open source RockBox to run on them.


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