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Subject: Re: Archos plans to ship Rockbox with Jukebox Studio
From: Tammy Delahaye (
Date: 2002-12-12

The only reason i didn't return my Recorder was because of Rockbox. After
about half an hour with the Archos f/w, i was about ready to throw the
stupid thing against the wall... and then found Rockbox. So that counts as
another sale, right?

*sigh* And one of these days i too am gonna get my hands dirty and start
digging around in the code... many ideas floating around in my head... its
just a matter of finding the time. its these darn paying coding gigs to pay
the bills that keep getting in the way of what i *really* want to do...

keep up the awesome work guys - this is one hell of a kick-ass project, and
you guys are doing an incredible job.


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