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Subject: Re: Bookmarks (was: Resume after USB)
From: Psyco Dedman (
Date: 2002-12-13

I've been thinking about bookmarking for a while... seems like code from the
resume feature should be reusable to impliment it fairly easily...
personally, i would love to be able to mark a spot and save it to nameable
and/or auto-named files that you can then "play" to go to that spot... that
way you can keep bookmarks of your favorite parts of long tracks etc
just my 2 cents

Leif Sawyer wrote:
> CH> Perhaps now with writing available an auto-bookmark function
> CH> could be enabled. [...] Would this be easy to implement?
> BS> It's fairly trivial.
> BS> The question is more how the user interface should work.
> CH> I could see a config item for it. Auto Bookmark Yes/No/Ask?
> CH> [...]I think it would be best if the feature were automatically
> CH> disabled during the use of playlists.
> This is a great idea! Would make listening to Hitchhikers Guide
> to the Galaxy a little easier..
> I wouldnt mind using the F2 menu to manually bookmark the song, ala
> changing shuffle mode.
> But definately disable bookmarking when playing from lists.

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