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Subject: Re: Archos factory setup (somewhat offtopic)
From: brendan hack (
Date: 2002-12-13

One reason that they supply mp3's on the device may be to do with most countries laws regarding selling blank recording media. Whenever you buy a blank tape or cd a portion of the cost often goes to your local equivalent of the RIAA to compensate for piracy. EG: they estimate that (say) 40% of blank cd's are used to pirate music so a relative portion of the cost goes to the RIAA to compensate them for the piracy. An archos recorder could technically fall under this umbrella as it has recording media (the hard disk). However, these laws only cover _blank_ media. If you put some songs onto the media then it is no longer blank and no 'royalties' need to be paid and the device can be sold at a cheaper price.


Josh (Norm) Audette wrote:
> <MATT>
>>I recently purchased an Archos Jukebox Recorder FM, apparently factory
>>sealed. The hard drive, as shipped, already contained some MP3s and a
>>Is this a normal setup, or is my Archos less pristine than most?
> </MATT>
> <NORM>
> I believe I read somewhere on their site (perhaps in the support
> section?) that their units ship with sample MP3s (and in the case of
> the multimedia, some video samples). I guess they understand that we
> want to play with our toys as soon as we possibly can d:)
> My recorder 20 came with some sample stuff on board as well, so I would
> assume your unit is perfectly fine.
> </NORM>
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