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Subject: RE: PIC12C508A-based remote
From: Leif Sawyer (
Date: 2002-12-18

Linus writes in response to
> Steve Russell who wrote back:
>> Thanks Frank - I'd hoped the Archos unit would FF/REW, but
>> it seems not. There's no reason, of course, that rockbox
>> couldn't implement that.
> Yes there is. There is no way of telling that the repeated
> events sent from the remote are because the key is held
> down or repeatedly pressed.

So we don't have a method of determining how quickly the
key-presses come in? The keys are already 'de-bounced' when
we get the notification, right? So a timer would let us know
if the keypresses were faster than some threshold.. (100 ms?)
Anything under that threshold would be counted as 'continuous'
and anything over that would be individual keys..

Could actually get tricky though, but I would think it's doable.
Whether the payoff is actually worth it, is another question.

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