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Subject: Re: 1.4 bug?
From: George Michaelson (
Date: 2002-12-18

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 20:52:13 -0800 "Bill Wolford's Head"
<> wrote:

> Curious if anybody has had these problems
> I'm using the AJBR 20 w/ rockbox 1.4
> 1. Sometimes, audio will just cut out..on screen the wps looks like
> it's still playing with vu meters and all but no audio, sometimes it comes
> back on after a little bit. Not sure why, or in what circumstance, it
> doesn't necesarrily happen when it's being jiggled alot either.
> any one else have this?

Yep. I get this. stop/start fixes it. No idea why.

btw, inter-track pauses for bulk copied music sometimes exceeds the expected
3sec inter-track delay. It could be my musak has long pauses at the front, or
a side-effect of buffering, but I do see this pause|<death> from time to time

No idea why.


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