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Subject: Re: PIC12C508A-based remote
From: Rob Ward (
Date: 2002-12-18

There is an easy way to tell if the keys are held down. The NEC protocol
used in your TV remote control for example does the following...

1. If a button is pressed, it sends a device byte and it's complement,
then a function byte and it's complement.
2. If the key is held, it sends the first packet as above, the changes
to a simple "repeat key" packet.


Leif Sawyer wrote:

>Linus writes in response to
>>Steve Russell who wrote back:
>>>Thanks Frank - I'd hoped the Archos unit would FF/REW, but
>>>it seems not. There's no reason, of course, that rockbox
>>>couldn't implement that.
>>Yes there is. There is no way of telling that the repeated
>>events sent from the remote are because the key is held
>>down or repeatedly pressed.
>So we don't have a method of determining how quickly the
>key-presses come in? The keys are already 'de-bounced' when
>we get the notification, right? So a timer would let us know
>if the keypresses were faster than some threshold.. (100 ms?)
>Anything under that threshold would be counted as 'continuous'
>and anything over that would be individual keys..
>Could actually get tricky though, but I would think it's doable.
>Whether the payoff is actually worth it, is another question.

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