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Subject: RE: Song listings in directory, and some othe questions.

RE: Song listings in directory, and some othe questions.

From: <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 13:51:41 -0500

What I do is to have each filename start with the (possibly zero-padded)
track number, followed by a dash space to demarcate the track title:
01- Track Title -- Album or Opus [- Composer ]- Artist

While somewhat anal and long, it preserves the information I want.

Getting there isn't too hard either: I use mp3BookHelper, which very
intelligently can create file names (and directory structures) from ID3 tags
(ID3v1 and v2) and vice versa. It will also intelligently assign track
numbers. It's quite powerful, even including a regular expression language
to extract text from tags or filenames. The interface is a little clunky
(especially when pasting into edit boxes) and somewhat inconsistent (some
settings are saved, some aren't).

mp3BookHelper is freeware (GPL'd) and available at

I've not used musicmatch much, but as I understand it, you must upgrade (pay
money) to get higher quality encoding. I haven't used it much because of
this, and because it's got that terribly awful busy interface. Maybe I'd
like the interface better if, like, I smoked crack or something. :)

In any case, the lame encoder seems to be a generally accepted mp3 encoding
standard, and it's free. It's also command-line with cryptic arguments, so I
recommend getting CDex, a freeware (GPL'd) CD ripper that utilizes
CD-paranoia code to make the best possible copy of your CD, and then a
variety of encoders, including lame (as a DLL by default, although you can
use any command line encoder as well), to encode. CDex is a spiffy product,
very clean, and the author responds to bugs and issues pretty quickly. If
you have the disk space, you may wish to use the Monkey loss-less encoding
to make a backup copy of your CDs as well. The monkey files are about half
the size of a CD, but since they're loss-less, you can use them to make
encodings later when MP3 or other technology improves. You can even play the
Monkeys in WinAmp2 (but not Winamp3 or the Archos, of course).

CDex is freeware (GPL'd) and available at

For syncing up the Archos with the PC hard disk, I've found TreeComp to be a
very useful if somewhat inelegant tool. As the name implies, it compares the
contents of two directory tress, and can copy or delete files to make the
two trees the same (getting to the menu command for this requires a bit of
right-clicking and sub-menu-ing, oddly enough.) TreeComp is a bit of
overkill for what I need to do, but it does the job, and unlike the Windows
Explorer, it doesn't scramble file order doing it. It is single threaded
(apparently) so the window will not update until all copying has completed.
It will also keep the directories open, so you'll have to close TreeComp in
order to ummount ("stop") the Archos and remove the USB cable.

TreeComp is free but closed source, available at

Dump the musicmatch.

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From: []On
Behalf Of David Holmes
Sent: Saturday, December 21, 2002 11:27 AM
Subject: Song listings in directory, and some othe questions.

I bought the JBR20 about a week ago and loaded it with some mp3s and
installed rockbox. Is there some way I can preserve the order of the tracks
as they were on the cd, instead of the alphebitizing the JBR20 does.
Possibly have it show the order by track number instead of song name. Also
what are peoples opinions on MP3 encoding programs, is Musicmatch 7.5 good
or is there something better. Why is the MP3 transfer through the music
match so slow compared to drag and drop with explorer?


Received on 2002-12-21

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