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Subject: Re: Bookmarks (was: Resume after USB)
From: Vincent Kargatis / Anne Larson (
Date: 2002-12-28

From: "Björn Stenberg" <>
> The question is more how the user interface should work. Would
pressing STOP *always* create a bookmark for the file at the current
point? And then, should we *always* ask if you want to resume when you
select to play this file? What about if the file is part of a playlist?

Sorry, was on vacation when my most awaited feature comes up: For
simplicity's sake, my basic answer is 'yes'. When you want to develop a
UI, then you can worry about stuff, but getting an UI-less auto-bookmark
would get most of the way there with little work. So for the first pass
I'd suggest:

- STOP always creates a bookmark for the thing that was PLAYed - either
track or playlist (I care more about playlists than tracks, myself, not
being an audiobook listener).
- always ask to resume if a bookmark exists for whatever is PLAYed.
- if the file is part of a playlist, that's irrelevant, if the file is
being PLAYed - any playlist it's a member of is ignored.

I certainly think auto-bookmark ON/OFF option is a good idea, but even
that's not necessary - the first pass can rely on resume=on/ask/off...

I just got back, haven't tried anything less than 3 weeks old, dunno if
this has been decided yet...


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