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Subject: Re[2]: Grayscale Display/ Picture Viewer/ HDD Upgrade
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2003-01-02

In the end of the game SOKOBAN, if you pass the 101st level (or just
keep on hitting F3) then it flashes the entire screen. I think it is
EASILY quick enough for grayscale. You could have a 3 color grayscale
with just two different bitmaps.


LNF> ABAZ wrote:
>> It is very possible, but oly 4 color gray is really feasible (on most
>> platforms). Considering the Jukebox's hardware and the need to use pins and
>> etc. it would be difficult and require a decent chunk of processor time.
>> However, I don't really know how the Jukebox would perform in such a case,
>> so I can't say for certain.

LNF> The SH1 has a serial connection to the LCD, therefore it is pretty slow.
LNF> Updating the entire display takes a lot of time, so we won't be able to
LNF> update it often enough to emulate gray scales.

LNF> /Linus

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