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Subject: Re: ignoring paths when playingg from playlists
From: Brian King (
Date: 2003-01-05

Why not just use relative directories in your playlists? Do the freeware
programs that people use to create playlists not have the ability to do
this? I agree that something like this should be configurable if it were
to be implemented because it is not a behavior I would want. One could
always write a short perl script that walked your mp3 directory
structure and converted all your playlists to use relative paths...


Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> Rich wrote:
>> Forgive me if people have bitched about this already. Playlists generated
>> by several programs on my computer (MMJB and a few other freeware progs)
>> include path information eg: c:\music\artist\album\#at.mp3.
> Yes they do, and it is silly, forcing you to recreate the playlist
> whenever you move around the music directory.
> Personally, I find it really unnecessary for Rockbox to handle playlist
> with an obviously wrong path to the files. How hard is it to create a
> playlist which reflects the true contents of the hard drive?
> On the other hand, it wouldn't be that hard for Rockbox to shorten the
> path and retry. This approach will introduce other interesting problems,
> when it may find the wrong song (with the same name but in a different
> directory) if a file couldn't be found. I don't want this feature if it
> isn't configurable.
> Takers?
> /Linus

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