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Subject: Re:
From: gerald clark (
Date: 2003-01-08

jim sunday wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm new to the list, archos, and rockbox. I don't even own one yet but
> i had a question for everyone here that does. I'm planning a trip to
> Europe for several weeks and was thinking of getting an archos 20
> recorder to listen to music. would i be able to take two extra sets of
> charged batteries (nimh) and easily transfer them in and out without a
> problem. i was figuring i could get about thirty hours of use before i
> had to find a place to recharge the batteries.

They are not difficult to change.

> I am sorry if i am not supposed to ask these types of questions here.
> Is there any chance of getting rockbox to work with the fm soon? (but
> you can't take out those batteries can you?)
> thanks in advance for the help
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Gerald L. Clark

Aero TerraTrike #1

Member: Sky Soaring

Illinois, U.S.A.

Archos Recorder JBR20101 1.28 0x302 positive 0x200 positive 11.0592

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