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Subject: usb 2.0 transfers hanging the computer
From: Bryce Benton (
Date: 2003-01-09

at home, my usb 1.1 connection works fine (albeit slow)...

at work, my usb 2.0 works about half the time. it's really really fast,
except for the fact that the computer hangs very frequently. sometimes i
can ctrl-alt-delete and restart my file manager (TotalCommander 5.0,
unregistered)... other times i have to restart the whole computer.

i tried reverting to the archos firmware... didn't make much difference, as
far as i could see.

i'm using the usb drivers that i downloaded from the archos website today
(the auto install package), using the default selections.

windows98 (se?), p4 2Ghz

any suggestions?


p.s. i started using rockbox as soon as i got the jukebox recorder
(yesterday)... using the factory firmware in the course of troubleshooting
this issue, i have determined the following: rockbox is one gazillion
billion trillion x-illion times better. thanks, everyone. it's really awesome.

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