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Subject: Re: infrared remote (and stuff)

Re: infrared remote (and stuff)

From: Andreas Zwirtes <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 07:00:52 +0100

Hi all!

I can program a Processor for emulating the Archos remote. That could
be the predecessor to the already planned bidirectinal remote. As
anybody else here, I've also got very little spare time. So it depends on
the interest, whether I do it or not.

Technologically it'll be like that:
Processor with additional 3V power supply, crystal or R/C oscillator and
up to 8 button inputs. I can make it available as 20pin SSOP or 20pin
DIL version. I'll add all necessary schematics to interface it to the JBR
(that is the only one I have, the others will be straight forward, I think).

Processor only will cost about 10EUR with preprogrammed software.
It will be an Atmel AVR part.

I can make the following options available (if interested):

PCB for processor, 8 pushbuttons, xtal, battery holder, supply connector,
pads for connection of an IR-receiver and maybe programming adapter for
updates will cost another 10EUR. It will have pads for wired input and
output connectors. Unused processor ports will be available in a small field
on the PCB for additional circuits.

Population of the the PCB with the parts (except IR-Receiver) will also
cost 10EUR (IR-Receiver +2EUR I think).

The 4pin-plug and the (3 pin) output jack will add another 4EUR, wiring
and soldering to PCB will charge 6EUR (i hate setting off and soldering

If you want to Update the chip, you'll need a selfmade programming
cable. I will provide the schematics for you. You can have one ready
made for 10EUR. (again soldering wires, but i won't do that myself,
a collegue will do for me). Programming software is for windows and
it will connect to the parallel port. If you want support for serial port
programming, request it please.

I cannot provide a housing for that stuff, it will be the naked PCB. And
there surely won't be IR-support in the first releases.

Don't flame me for not doing all this for free, please. I'm sorry, but I
So I beg you, not to start a mailing list flame war. If anybody is
in the Project, feel free to drop me a mail to my home addresss with the
options you are interested in. If enough people want to have one, I'll
start building.

I do this, because I think that many people are interested in someting
like a selfmade remote but don't have time to build one. It is much easier
to buy a ready made solution or - as in this case - something in between
spareparts and a ready made solution.

Please remember, that shipping from germany and taxes (as applicable)
will add additional costs. In germany about 8EUR, in the EU about 15
EUR. For all other countries, ask please.

If you are not interested, just forget this mail. If this project
happens to
take place, I will release the source code (Assembler) once it's stable.

Have a nice day,

Justin schrieb:

>>I'm not sure what use this would be, why would you want a remote on a
>>personal player? possibly if you were using it to drive your stereo
>Yup. The digital output jack makes it a really nice mp3 player for the
>stereo system, and never needing to sync between your stereo player and
>your pocket player (because they're the same device) is another
>advantage. But a remote would really help.
>>Radio frequency would be much more sensible, you could operate it from your
>>pocket in that case.
>Yup :-)
>I've been poking around inside one of those $12 R/C cars (like Bit
>CharG, or microsizers) and it's a nice miniature low-power RC system
>that offers 8 independent button controls (via the use of a bin-hex
>decoder/encoder IC at each end), so the hard work has already been done
>- just gotto adapt it (the easiest way would be to wire the button
>terminals inside the archos to the receiver, rather than the more
>long-winded way of trying to emulate the control codes of the archos
>Once again, it doesn't seem like a difficult project, but I won't have
>any free time inthe forseeable future :-(
Received on 2003-01-10

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