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Subject: Book Marking Functionality

Book Marking Functionality

From: Benjamin Metzler <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 01:44:32 -0800

Hi all,
I've been hacking away for the last week understanding the rockbox code
and getting a bookmark capability functioning. I have created a
bookmark functionality with the rockbox code. Unfortunately I don't
have the ability to get to cvs (pesky firewalls), so I can't do a "cvs
diff" and post a diff file or submit a patch. Instead I've created a
couple of files and put them up on my website (see below). Finally,
I've only tried this on the Jukebox Recorder 20, so I don't know how
well or if it will work on any of the other models. It should, but your
mileage may vary. Please send me any comments/suggestions/bugs at
rockbox at samuraipanda dot com. I have to get back to working for "the
man", so I may be a little slow to respond, but I'll continue to work on
the TBDs/Bugs as I can.


1. - this has only the
new or changed source files (~15kb).
2. - This contains my the
entire source tree updated to the source tar ball of 2003-01-09, I
think. (~1.2mb)
3. - This is a compiled rockbox
firmware file with bookmark capability. (179kb)

How to create a bookmark:
1. Start an MP3/M3U running.
2. Goto the main menu (F1 on the Recorder 20). The first item will be
"Create A Bookmark". Select it.
3. A confirmation screen will appear. Click play to create the
Note: If you are browsing the directories, the bookmark file will not
appear in the directory it was created in until the directory is loaded.
Note: If playing M3U (Playlist), the bookmark file will be created in
the directory of the current MP3 that is playing.

How to load a bookmark:
1. Locate the bookmark file you want to load. It will have a BMF
2. Select the bookmark file by clicking the Play button. Please note
that this taps the rockbox resume capability, so whatever you have that
configured for (ask, ask-once, yes, not), this is what will happen when
playing bookmark file (in the case resume being set to No, nothing will

Below is a list of TBDs/Bugs
 // TBD/Bugs
 // 1. For some reason, bookmarks will occasionally fail to load.  
 //    If this happens, then the rockbox will continually prompt
 //    to load the file, even if told not to.  Turning the rockbox
 //    off can get out of this loop.
 // 2. Develop own play capability.  Currently, bookmark_load() calls 
 //    tree.c:play_resume() to handle the actual playback
 // 3. In order to load a bookmark, resume must be set to "ask" or
"yes".  This 
 //    shouldn't be a requirement.  This could be solved by fixing issue
 // 4. Centralize where the bookmarks are created so that the user
doesn't have
 //    to track down the bookmark files.  Also, if the user is playing a
 //    the bookmark file will be created in the directory of the file
currently playing
 // 5. Format the bookmark file better.  The single line isn't the most
 // 6. Bookmark files are created, but they don't show up until the next
time the
 //    directory is loaded.  This needs to be fixed.
 // 7. Need to use the language files.
 // 8. Redo the where bookmark_load reads the file.  I should be able to
 //    this into a single function instead of a series of while loops.
 // 9. Link function key 3 to bookmark_create().
 //10. Need to come up with an icon for .bmf files
Received on 2003-01-12

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