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Subject: RE: Book Marking Functionality
From: Benjamin (
Date: 2003-01-12

Okay, I'm still tired. I clicked send instead of save.

Anyway, I chose this design because it allowed me to get a bookmark
capability functioning quickly since I listen to 25+ hour audio books
while I work out. I had originally not planned to support playlists and
instead implement just an mp3 bookmark capability, but changed my after
corresponding with Hardeep Sidhu, who suggested I just store the resume
information. Once I looked into writing the resume information, I
realized that it would be easier to just leverage the existing resume
capability instead of attempting to write a whole bunch of code that
duplicates existing functionality (i.e. start_resume()). Once I had
done this, I found the resume needed to be set to "ask" or "yes" and
considered modifying start_resume to take an additional parameter, but I
wanted to get feedback from the rest of the group based on what I had
already done before I start modifying existing code beyond what I had
already done.


-----Original Message-----
From: Benjamin []
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 10:05 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Book Marking Functionality

Whoops, I forgot that section. It was a little late :-). I have notes
in the source explaining the design a bit.

I basically took a lazy approach and leveraged the built in resume
capability of Rockbox. To that end, I over write any existing resume
information that is currently in memory and over write it with the
stored information and then call the existing start_resume function
(which explains why resume has to be set to "ask" or "yes". I wanted to
get a functioning version up because I'm not sure how much time I'll be
able to devote to this from this point on (pesky work) and I could us
some help/suggestions to speed up the development process (gotta love
open source). Below is further information on the bookmark capability.


Writing a bookmark
This bookmark capability takes the current resume information and writes
it to a file whose name is based off of the currently playing file i.e.
bookmarking /foo1/foo.mp3 creates the file /foo1/foo.bmf. This file
contains the following line:

------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Loading a bookmark ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- When loaded, the bookmark_load function takes a bookmark file and reads the above line, one character at a time until it hits an asterisk (*). Once it does, this signals that this is the end of a field. As each field is successfully loaded, it overwrites the existing resume information that is stored in memory. Once all fields have been successfully loaded, bookmark_load calls tree.c:start_resume().

- Ben

-----Original Message----- From: [] On Behalf Of Björn Stenberg Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 2:32 AM To: Subject: Re: Book Marking Functionality

Benjamin Metzler wrote: > I have created a bookmark functionality with the rockbox code.

Please also describe the design you have chosen. We have discussed several ways of handling bookmarks. Which one did you choose, and why?

-- Björn

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