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Subject: RE: Queue.

RE: Queue.

From: Henri DAVID <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:23:24 +0100

thanks Andreas that's exactly what i meant :) (ok i am not really good at
expaining my ideas ;)

> ...Running counter to the idea of bookmarks... :)
well i don't know exactly what a bookmark is in RockBox World...

>What problems are you trying to solve here? Bookmarks and playlist
>creation are forthcoming, queue is implemented...

I am try uniformize the things and make them simpler...
in my opinion Queue function and Playlist Creation are basically the same !!
just the way you use/see them that makes the diffrence. that where my idea
came from. This would also allow a unlimited queue size.

instead of have a current playlist + queue why don't we mix all this
together in the idea of currentplaylist.

a long Play-Click would queue files, dirs, and playlist into
currentplaylist, and a short Play-Clik would empty currentplaylist and then
queue the clicked item into it.

it could then be really easy to create playlist on the fly by queueing
Files, directories, playlists into the currentplaylist and then save this
currentplaylist somewhere else on the disk.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On
> Behalf Of Andreas Stemmer
> Sent: 13 January 2003 14:40
> To:
> Subject: RE: Queue.
> Hi!
> I added a comment to a feature request a few weeks ago with a similar
> idea, but I can't find it anymore. I'll describe it shortly:
> My idea was to always have a current playlist as you decribed, too.
> Nothing else is played, only the songs on the current playlist. It
> should be possible to edit this current playlist (delete and move songs,
> save it as .m3u) and to add songs of course. If you select a song, it is
> added to the current playlist (on top or on bottom). If you select a
> playlist, each song of the playlist can be transferred to the current
> playlist. If you select a directory, each song in this directory could
> be added to the current playlist. To make it more flexible, selecting a
> playlist or a directory could also replace the whole current playlist.
> This way, It would be possible to have one unified user interface that
> can handle all cases: playing songs, playing directory structures,
> playing playlists, queuing, online playlist creation and editing...
> Just an idea, but basically the same as yours ...
> Andreas Stemmer
> > Hi all !
> >
> > I was thinking about the Queue functionality. it would be
> > great if Rockbox would manage it in a slightly different way.
> > the main idea here is to give Rockbox a "current playlist".
> >
> > Instead of having this idea of queue, we could make rockbox
> > to use a "current playlist" (.rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u for
> > instance). This will simplify a bit the resume functionality
> > as we'll have only to save the current index in the playlist
> > and the offset in the currently played file as the curent
> > playlist is allways .rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u.
> >
> > When queuing a track (or a folder, or a playlist) it would be
> > appended at the end of .rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u.
> >
> > When playing a playlist it will copy it into
> > .rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u
> >
> > When playing a file mp3, all the files contained in this
> > folder are added to .rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u (like the
> > current album play feature ;) )
> >
> > this would also allow the user to create playlist using
> > rockbox (by copying .rockbox/currentplaylist.m3u somewhere )
> >
> > Any Comments on this ?
> >
> > henri
Received on 2003-01-13

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