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Subject: Bookmarking Help

Bookmarking Help

From: Benjamin <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 14:47:48 -0800

I've re-implemented the autobookmarking, which takes this about as
far as I have time for at this point (I can work on it a bit here
and there for the next two months, but my time is limited). I want
to pass the remainder of the work off to the community, if possible.
Below are the things that are left to be done. I'm not sure the
best way to hand this code off since I don't have CVS access from
behind my corporate firewall.


1. For some reason, bookmarks will occasionally fail to load.
 INVESTIGATIVE NOTE: This may be some memory issue. I've commented
line an snprintf (~ Line 355)and it starts failing. I uncomment
it, and it works.
2. Develop own play capability. Currently, bookmark_load() calls
tree.c:play_resume() to handle the actual playback
 FIX NOTE: I've written the code, but it's not working, so I continue
to leverage play_resume.
3. In order to load a bookmark, resume must be set to "ask" or "yes".
This shouldn't be a requirement. This could be solved by fixing
issue 2.
FIX NOTE: This has been band-aided by storing the current global_settings.
resume value, overwriting the global value with ASK or YES, and then
restoring it after play_resume is called. This can cause a problem
if the RockBox is shutdown while playing a bookmark as the restore
is never executed. Again, this could be fixed with my own play capability.

4. Format the bookmark file better. The single line isn't the most
5. Need to create menus for auto-bookmark settings.
6. Bookmark files are created, but they don't show up until the next
time the directory is loaded.
7. Need to use the language files.
FIX NOTE: I've tried to use #define as much as possible, so it should
just be a matter of moving them to the LANG file.
8. Redo the where bookmark_load reads the file. I should be able
to consolidate this into a single function instead of a series of
while loops.
10. Need to come up with an icon for .bmf files
11. Need to create two separate bookmark creation paradigms.
        1. auto-bookmarking: Store's the bookmark in directory of
the MP3 or M3U and is over-written each time auto-create bookmark
is called. (DONE)
        2. Manual bookmark creation. This may store in central location
(i.e. \bookmarks) and would never overwrite existing bookmarks.
Instead it would increment with each new bookmark. Should also be
able to specify if this is for the autobookmark or central location
to avoid lots of bookmark files being created.
     FIX NOTES: The first has been done. It will automatically create
a bookmark when OFF is pushed and will prompt the user to autorun
if the file exists.
 12. Need to create a global setting to determine if to prompt creation,
don't create, or automatically create and the same for loading.
Received on 2003-01-14

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