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Subject: RE: Bookmarking Help

RE: Bookmarking Help

From: Hardeep Sidhu <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 00:12:45 -0800

Hi Benjamin,

I've attached a diff of your bookmarking code against the latest CVS to aid
in development. You may want to submit it to the patches section on


> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On
> Behalf Of Benjamin
> Sent: Monday, January 13, 2003 2:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: Bookmarking Help
> Okay,
> I've re-implemented the autobookmarking, which takes this about as
> far as I have time for at this point (I can work on it a bit here
> and there for the next two months, but my time is limited). I want
> to pass the remainder of the work off to the community, if possible.
> Below are the things that are left to be done. I'm not sure the
> best way to hand this code off since I don't have CVS access from
> behind my corporate firewall.
> Ben
> 1. For some reason, bookmarks will occasionally fail to load.
> INVESTIGATIVE NOTE: This may be some memory issue. I've commented
> line an snprintf (~ Line 355)and it starts failing. I uncomment
> it, and it works.
> 2. Develop own play capability. Currently, bookmark_load() calls
> tree.c:play_resume() to handle the actual playback
> FIX NOTE: I've written the code, but it's not working, so I continue
> to leverage play_resume.
> 3. In order to load a bookmark, resume must be set to "ask" or "yes".
> This shouldn't be a requirement. This could be solved by fixing
> issue 2.
> FIX NOTE: This has been band-aided by storing the current global_settings.
> resume value, overwriting the global value with ASK or YES, and then
> restoring it after play_resume is called. This can cause a problem
> if the RockBox is shutdown while playing a bookmark as the restore
> is never executed. Again, this could be fixed with my own play
> capability.
> 4. Format the bookmark file better. The single line isn't the most
> readable.
> 5. Need to create menus for auto-bookmark settings.
> 6. Bookmark files are created, but they don't show up until the next
> time the directory is loaded.
> 7. Need to use the language files.
> FIX NOTE: I've tried to use #define as much as possible, so it should
> just be a matter of moving them to the LANG file.
> 8. Redo the where bookmark_load reads the file. I should be able
> to consolidate this into a single function instead of a series of
> while loops.
> 10. Need to come up with an icon for .bmf files
> 11. Need to create two separate bookmark creation paradigms.
> 1. auto-bookmarking: Store's the bookmark in directory of
> the MP3 or M3U and is over-written each time auto-create bookmark
> is called. (DONE)
> 2. Manual bookmark creation. This may store in central location
> (i.e. \bookmarks) and would never overwrite existing bookmarks.
> Instead it would increment with each new bookmark. Should also be
> able to specify if this is for the autobookmark or central location
> to avoid lots of bookmark files being created.
> FIX NOTES: The first has been done. It will automatically create
> a bookmark when OFF is pushed and will prompt the user to autorun
> if the file exists.
> 12. Need to create a global setting to determine if to prompt creation,
> don't create, or automatically create and the same for loading.

Received on 2003-01-14

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