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Subject: Re: Bookmark Files

Re: Bookmark Files

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 23:26:01 -0500

I don't quite understand exactly what you are talking about, but here
is the way I think it should work.

There should be two menu options:
"resume" with the choices it already has: yes, no, ask once, ask -- and
a new one "auto bookmark" with: no, overwrite, append

so, the menu would now look like:

             yes, no, ask once, ask
auto bookmark:
             no, overwrite, append

All the bookmark files should all reside in .rockbox/bookmarks

Resume should work the way it already does. If you press off/stop and
immediately shut down the device then it should save the resume as it
currently does.

Now, with bookmarks, they would only be enabled if you choose overwrite
or append from the bookmark menu item. If auto bookmark is set to
overwrite then if you press off/stop on a file, it will save a file in
.rockbox/bookmarks with one line (the bookmark info (ALONG WITH THE
TIME that the bookmark was created) with an extension like
foo.mp3.bmark -- Every time you stop a file it will create a bookmark
for that file. Then, everytime you load a file it will check if a
bookmark file exists. If it does exist then it will prompt you to
load the bookmark file, or just play. There can also be bookmark
files for playlist files (foo.pls.bmark)

If auto bookmark is set to append, then everytime you stop a file, it
will first check to see if a bookmark file exists. If one does, then
it will add a line to the bookmark file with the bookmark info (and

If auto bookmark is set to append, and you load a file that has a
respective bookmark file (with a few entries), then a browser menu
will come up and you can choose the bookamrk you want to load. (the
browser menu should show the time of each bookmark entry too)

lastly, if you just browse to a bookmark file (maybe there can be a
menu entry to do this) then there will be a bookmark editor where you
can add/remove bookmark files, or add and remove entries from the
bookmark files.


B> One of the things I am leaning towards is to consolidate the bookmark
B> file and the resume file into a single file. In this file, the first
B> line would always be the resume point and the user would be given the
B> option to list out the other bookmarks. Each time stop(OFF) is pressed,
B> the first line of the file would be over-written, but all the other
B> lines would remain the same. How does this sound?

B> Ben
Received on 2003-01-17

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