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Subject: Re: Preliminary support for Recorder FM
From: Ludovic LANGE (
Date: 2003-01-16

Hello Justin,

The hardware looks pretty much the same (in fact I just trusted the
disassembly, because I didn't open the one I'm using : it's my
girlfriend's present I just offered a few days ago =))) )

The only big difference was the header of the scrambled file, which is a
bit longer I think. See the thread :
for the full story.

I just modified the source to get the buttons working, and had very
little time to test it fully, however I can tell that it's very promising :
* The ATAPI code is working ok (it reads / writes ok)
* The USB code is also ok (I transfered a file using RockBox's USB code)
* The MP3 player is also working, the sound is coming through the EAR
OUT jack.

Not tested yet :
* Recording
* many settings combinations.

What's not working yet is :
* Radio (lack of doc, I'll reverse the ROM to see how it works)
* Battery charging code / battery voltage reading.
* Screen constrast is broken, and also clear screen is not working.
* other bugs ? Please try =)

I'll try to have a look on this asap, however I'm moving and don't have
many time available, so it'll probably take some time.



Justin Heiner wrote:
> So, catch me up on this (sorry, I missed the first part of this topic). How much is supported in the FM now? I didn't know that we had ANY support :-)
> -Justin
>>Ludovic LANGE wrote:
>>>This is a patch against version 1.4, that corrects the
>>>following bugs for the Jukebox Recorder FM :
>>>* Correct button mapping (I hope)
>>>* Detection of USB connection
>>>* Detection of Power connection

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