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Subject: RE: Re[2]: Bookmark Files

RE: Re[2]: Bookmark Files

From: Stuart Tedford <>
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 17:12:33 -0000

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Björn Stenberg
> The mp3 files are data. These files are data that are
> intimately linked to the mp3 files. It makes absolutely no
> sense making a whole new directory tree in a remote location
> for these files.
Well all files are data, but these ones are only intimately linked when
using RockBox, so why should RockBox be given free reign of my harddrive?
And why do we have a .rockbox directory in the first place then? - I can
answer that, to keep RockBox specifc stuff in one place, which is a great

> Think ahead a month, when we support track-specific .cfg
> files. Joe User has saved a nice boom-box .cfg file he wants
> to use on a couple of dancy mp3 tunes in differnent dirs. Do
> you really want to require him to recreate his entire archos
> directory tree under /.rockbox just for this? I sure don't.
No, I don't either. The floater file functions will handle the creation of
the float files/dirs. Think about it, Joe isn't going to edit a .cfg file
directly, he/she will be playing the dancy mp3 file and adjusting the
settings till they are just right, then Joe will press the save button, at
which point the .cfg file is saved somewhere, somewhere where the .cfg
function knows where to find it. And advanced users will know where also.

> And when someone adds support for the f5 lyrics format. Do
> you want those files to be copied into some remote directory
> as well, completely separated from the mp3 file whose lyrics
> they contain? What about .cue files? Album covers?
I guess there needs to be a distinction between RockBox created/specific
floaters and semi-standardised floaters. And RockBox won't be creating
album covers or lyrics anytime soon will it ;-)

> Nobody is creating anything you are not asking to have created.
Yeah but the point is where they are created.

> If I ask WinAmp to save a track-specific equalizer file (if
> it could do such a thing), I damn well expect it to be saved
> close to the track.
I damn well expect it to be saved somewhere I choose.

Received on 2003-01-17

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