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Subject: Re: Bookmark Files
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-01-17

Benjamin wrote:
> Um, way more complex then I wanna do :-).

And your solution is way more complex than I want it. We already have resume. Why would we need auto-bookmarking? Don't mix the features. Here's what I want:

As today. When you power up, you restart where you last was playing.

When playing a file, you can create bookmarks. The bookmarks are stored in a .bmark file with the same name as the mp3 file. You can store any number of bookmarks for a file. They all go into the same file, one line per mark.

If you want to resume at a bookmark, you have two options:

1) Play the bookmark file. This will ask you which of the bookmarks you want to resume at.

2) Play the mp3 file as normal. Then choose Resume From Bookmark (button or menu option) and you get the same question as above.

This makes the bookmark feature simple, intuitive and actually working like real bookmarks.

I'm not sure I think playlist bookmarks is a good idea, but if we absolutely do want it, it should simply be an option when you create a bookmark: "Playlist or file bookmark?" Playlist bookmarks work exactly the same, only they are named after the .m3u file instead of the .mp3 file.


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