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Subject: RE: New Bookmark Diff

RE: New Bookmark Diff

From: Benjamin <>
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 10:04:04 -0800

Hey Matthew,
1. My bookmarking implementation can bookmark multiple spots and you can
return to those point at any time.
2. The A->B repeat functionality is not part of my bookmarking
capability. Sounds like a good idea, but I don't think it's a
bookmarking implementation, but a separate concept altogether. I'd
recommend submitting a feature request if one doesn't exist.
3. Theoretically the bookmark could be parsed by an application (or
Rockbox) to pull out either the elapsed time or the byte offset in the
file, which the app could use to split the file. Actually that would be
really easy to do.

Auto-bookmarking is for the lazy like myself. I listen to different
things at different times with my rockbox, mostly audiobooks. I don't
want to have to remember to bookmark when I'm shutting down the rockbox,
so Autobookmark can be enabled to remember for me and prompt me the next
time I start that file as to whether I want to pick up at my last
listening point.

With this implementation, you can bookmark a playlist (M3U).


-----Original Message-----
From: [] On
Behalf Of Matthew P. OReilly
Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 7:14 AM
Subject: RE: New Bookmark Diff

Ok guys, I've been following this bookmark discussion, and I'm not sure
I understand the contention.

Here are the three biggest things I expect to use bookmarks for (in an
ideal world ;-) :
1: Marking each spot in a song or speech that is important to be able
to come right back to for some reason.
2: Marking two spots in a song that are close together so I can have it
auto-repeat between the bookmarks while I practice a lick on the piano
or guitar or what not.
3: Marking several spots in a long recording for later file splitting.
(That would be *wonderful* - mark the break points in a concert
recording, for instance, and just run a routine on the file later on
that splits the file into multiple mp3s based on the bookmarks.)

>From a user's perspective, it seems that bookmarks should be
specifically for the purpose of being able to return to a specific spot
in a file at any time. This is particularly useful in long files such
as radio recordings and speeches. This necessitates the creation of
multiple bookmarks for each file played, but preferrably within a single
file, at least for each mp3, but possibly for all files. I am not yet
convinced that it's a great idea to link bookmark files to mp3 files 1:1
- it seems we're back to the old "let the user decide", as Gerald
pointed out. :-) [Oh, I just read Benjamin's email - I like the one
.bmark/directory idea instead of a 1:1 for each mp3.]


I don't understand the requirement for auto-bookmarking - can someone
elucidate the reason for this to me? This seems to be identical
functionality as resume.

Bookmarking a playlist seems to be something of a different beast. I
can see the possible ROI for auto-bookmarking a playlist - that way if
you're in the middle of listening to a series, it will bookmark the
series and you can return to it at a much later time and know where you
left off.

Thanks for the clarification -
Received on 2003-01-18

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