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Subject: recorder bug maybe and suggestion
From: jo (
Date: 2003-01-17

Hi, first of all thanx for all the work on rocbox, its great! I have just
had a quick play with the recording function in todays daily build (17 jan
03) and there seems to be a bug in which the numbers indicatiing the length
of file and the time used do not coincide, say a just recorded file is said
to be 8 seconds long, the amount played time is 10 secs, I am pretty sure
this is the case, I dont see so well so could be wrong but have checked a
few times. And now a suggestion, it is great to have one touch recording,
but, I wonder if it is poss to have something like a memo mode, so one can
at a single button push hear the just recorded file, then another push the
one before and so forth. I realise this is a daily build and you may have
something like in mind, or indeed it is there and I have missed it. But if
not I think such a way of using the recorder would be very useful,
especially to visually impaired users. In memo mode after one has stopped a
recording, one coule be sent automatically to a directory where all ones
memo files are, and say the f2 button could be the play and the f1 and f3
back and forward respectively. Anyway, just a thought, and thanks again for
all the brillient work! Jo

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