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Subject: RE: Bookmark Files
From: Benjamin (
Date: 2003-01-17

Okay, this just opened up a big old can of worms and borders on a
religious war :-). Ultimatly it comes down to this, MY patch writes
the files in the directory of the MP3/M3U, but MY patch can easily
be modified (gotta love open source) by the community to look in
a centralized directory. As for calling this lazy programming, well,
yea it probably is. I had an idea about how I wanted this to work
and that's how I implemented it and it works for me (actually I just
wanted autobookmarking, but figured I'd also write bookmarking in
because it was a simple extension, or so I thought at the time :-
). Now, after I submit the patch, better programmers then I can
tweak it to their hearts content and when/if it is finally integrated
into the main trunk, I'm sure it will be a better way then I wrote.

Now a more important thing is: I need information on which memory
I can use to write the configuration information and which attribute
values I can use for the file(s).


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