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Subject: RE: some Ideas about Batteries in Powermanagemant
From: Holger Lembke (
Date: 2003-01-19

> These quick changes aren't usual. Your batteries or your unit could be
> broken!

I'm broken after paying the box, thats all what is broken here.

The reason of voltage drop is that I heavily used usb to transfer 100++ mb
to multiple pcs. It was not the normal music use.

> The "resolution" is enough. In the middle part of the courve, the
> voltage has a linear form there.

I used the wrong words. I should have said 'almost constant voltage'...

> I also had this idea some months ago. I already started to write a test
> version of this kind. But I rejected this idea after some tests.
> If you charge/uncharge the batteries completely every time, it may work.
> But if you charge/decharge only litte amounts, it will drift off very
> quickly.

Even if you calculate the loading, too? (You sure thought about that, I

> HL> Or use the history (that from charging) for a better calculation?
> In which way? If you have ideas, let us know.

I had the vague feeling, that the voltage recovered after use. Before
turning it off it showed less capacity than what I saw after turning it on
again. And that it stayed at a higher level it had before turning off (I
vague remember seeing something about 40% before off and 55% after turning
on again.)

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