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Subject: deleting stuff
From: morgan alcalay (
Date: 2003-01-21

Hi. Thank you for this nice alternative to archos firmware. I'd give you
some money but i don't have a credit card. Anyways, can i delete stuff? I
didn't see anything about deleting in any documentation. And for the wps i
put %s before some lines i wanted to scroll, saved it, and selected the .wps
file but the lines wouldn't scroll. There was an aterix in parantheses so
i'm not sure whether or not that meant i would be able to make a whole bunch
of lines scroll in v. 1.4. And 42 is only the answer to the question "How
many roads must a man walk down?" and rockbox has nothing to do with roads.
  But thanks.
Some Guy Who Surfs

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