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Subject: Re: FM Recorder, Interesting notes
From: Magnus Holmgren (
Date: 2003-01-23

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Justin Heiner wrote:

 JH> So, I just got my new FM Recorder today in place of my normal recorder. A couple things I've noticed:
 JH> 1. It charges when connected to USB via the USB cable (not very much of a charge, maybe 2v-4v, but it does)
 JH> 2. For some reason, archos reboots the device to connect it to USB. Is there a reason for this?
 JH> 3. It will power on the device automatically when you plug the USB cable in.
 JH> 4. The OFF button is software controlled, not hardware controlled (which is a pain in the ass when it crashes)

Just curious, but what do you do then when it crashes (I take it it
isn't that uncommon)? I've got the impression the battery isn't exactly
easy to remove... Or maybe that's solved by point two above?

Magnus Holmgren

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