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Subject: Re: Compiled Bookmarks Firmware
From: Vincent Kargatis (
Date: 2003-01-23

From: "Benjamin" <>
> My assumption would be to check if playlist_get_resume_info() returns
> QUEUE_BEGIN_PLAYLIST. If so, I wouldn't allow a bookmark to occure.
> The reason behind this would be because the queue will change from
> time to time and therefor it would be un-reliable to bookmark it.

My thought about bookmarks + queue is that since a queue is by
definition a non-permanent playlist addition, that the most natural
bookmarking result is that it choose the closest real playlist entry -
perhaps the most recent playlist entry before the queued sequence? Can
that be parsed easily? That would result in a bookmark that's as close
as possible to what was being played, but expectedly not remembering a
transitory (queued) track - a result which seems intuitive to me, as a

Vincent Kargatis
np: They Might Be Giants - "Why Does the Sun Shine?"

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