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Subject: Re: just curious
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2003-01-24

this sounds awesome. I would love for there to be a favorites.m3u
file in the /.rockbox directory or something like that. I download
many mp3s from shoutcast and then listen to them as if I am listening
to the radio.


JK> Awhile back I did a preliminary favorite track(s) marker functionality
JK> at the press of a combo button. Since we have file writes I went ahead
JK> made it so that a favorites.m3u is created, and each selection is
JK> appended to the list. Thus it's very easy to go back later from a large
JK> shuffle|playlist and play just the ones you really really like.
JK> Panasonic does/did this with their large cd players when they first
JK> started coming out.

JK> I'm curious if ppl care about this type of feature before I put anymore
JK> work into it. I have cvs access and could proceed with furthering
JK> development
JK> on it (clean up and such), but I would need someone to pick up on the
JK> recorder testing/implementation (I don't have one).

JK> The feature is described here as well, and was submitted long ago.

JK> Comments? Thoughts? Useless?

JK> --jk

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