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Subject: real vaules: 8 MB version has 15-30% longer runtime!
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2003-01-24


I've now measured the battery consumption with my 8MB-modified AJB
Recorder20. The mod has much more influence on battery consumption than
I thought!

current CVS version, compiled without demos and without games, 1.726 /
7.726 MB free, measured about 600 values/s with a 10 BIT A/D on serial
port, measured one buffer cycle.

128 kbit/s, 2 MB used, avg. 131,4 mA
256 kbit/s, 2 MB used, avg. 179,2 mA
128 kbit/s, 8 MB used, avg. 113,7 mA (15,6% longer runtime)
256 kbit/s, 8 MB used, avg. 136,1 mA (31,6% longer runtime)

PS: The values are not precise absolutely. There's a factor in it that I
set manually and approximated the value my multimeter showed. But the
relative differences should be precise.

You can have a look at plots at

There's also a funny graph that shows the disk power cunsumption when
reading (note: it shows the overall current, not only the current from
the disk!):
You can see some "platforms", that seem to be the current the disk
consumes for some activity (e.g. "reading" "be spinned up").

Bye, Uwe.

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