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Subject: Re: Low recording volumes (with original firmware)
From: gerald clark (
Date: 2003-01-25

I would suggest you use a 0db reference tone.
Using the Archos "db meter" to set a 0db level from a music
source is hardly a scientific test.
I am supprised you got within 3 db.

Personally, I expect nothing but bugs from the Archos software.
 From my experience, you are lucky if it records at all.

Sweth Chandramouli wrote:
> Just got an Archos Recorder 20, and have been trying to
> record using the Archos' Line In, from the stereo out of a mixing board.
> (I haven't yet gotten around to trying out the Rockbox builds with
> recording enabled, so I'm switching back to the default firmware for
> these recordings.) I'm setting the recording levels on the Archos so
> that they are just barely clipping during the loudest parts of the
> recording, but in the resulting mp3s, the volumes are rather low--those
> same loudest passages are never louder than about -3dB when I convert
> the mp3 to a WAV and open it up in SoundForge, for example. Is this
> normal? I would expect 0dB on the recording meter to be 0dB in the
> resulting mp3.
> TIA,
> Sweth.

Gerald L. Clark

Aero TerraTrike #1

Member: Sky Soaring

Illinois, U.S.A.

Archos Recorder JBR20101 1.28 0x302 positive 0x200 positive 11.0592

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