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Subject: Re: Rockbox 2.0 Feature Freeze
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-01-29

Holger Lembke wrote:
> So they don't bounce?

They bounce, yes. Debouncing is done by only accepting keys that are
pressed in two consecutive polls.

> Not looking too much into the future and not knowing most of the details
> within the jukebox hardware (especially, how two simultanously pressed keys
> are generated), I would switch to a simple counting scheme, like on a
> standard keyboard.

I think you need to convince us *why* this is better.

> It would only need about 4 bits (5 bit for the future?) to count the
> maximum numbers of buttons imaginable in the near future. The remaining 4
> bits could be status bits like 'comming from remote', 'BUTTON_REPEAT' and

How is this better than the current scheme?

> And a word (the same way it is today) could hold two button presses, so the
> two-buttons-pressed-the-same-time could be handled that way...


> I hope you know what will happen if Archos shipps a Rockbox on the next CD
> release...

Yeah. More people will want more features, and we will continue to
develop the features we like, on our spare time, in our hobby project.


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