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Subject: Re: Questions

Re: Questions

From: Chris Holt <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:54:53 -0500

----- Original Message -----
From: "Dan B" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 11:37 PM
Subject: Questions

> Dear Rockbox Crew,
> First I would like to thank you much for Rockbox, I enjoy AJB Recorder 20
so much more ever since I installed it.

I'd have to second that notion. :)

> First question: I tried reverting to the original operating system
installed from the factory per your instructions and was unable to. It just
keeps loading Rockbox over and over.

To keep rockbox and be able to load the latest Archos firmware, do this:
Download the 1.27d firmware from Archos site (it is identical to the latest
1.28 firmware now shipping on the AJBR 20)
Extract the ajbrec.ajz file from the zip and rename it to something else
(example "Archos1_27d.ajz" without the quotes, of course)
Copy this to the Jukebox, root is fine. I keep several daily builds and the
original firmware in a folder I creatively named "Firmware". :)
Once you have booted into rockbox, navigate to this file and "play" it.
(press play or FF)
Archos firmware will load. (to get back to rockbox, turn OFF and back ON)

If you ever go completely mad and don't want rockbox anymore, just delete
the ajbrec.ajz file from the Jukebox and the unit will boot with the
firmware from it's ROM. Pretty cool that you can never be without firmware,
even if you lose everything on your drive. :)

> Second: Do you recommend jogging or running with the Recorder 20? I am
afraid I might cause a head crash or something of the sort with all the
jarring. When I did run with it a few times with the original operating
system it would always lock up on me, I have not tried it since installing
Rockbox. I am more worried about messing up the unit than anything else.

Nope, I don't recommend it at all. Get a flash based player for the rough
stuff! Take your Archos everywhere, walking, driving (on road), planes,
trains, busses, and maybe even bicycling on smooth roads. If you go
running, off road driving, mountian biking or bungee jumping, leave it at
home. There are a number of 128MB flash based players that can be had for
reasonable prices, and some can be upgraded to 256 inexpensively with SM or
CF cards. That's about 4 hours at 128kbps, so unless you are a marathon
runner, you won't hear the same song twice. :) JMO (maybe not so humble)

If you want some recommendations for flash based players, drop me a line.

> I am not too computer proficient so these might be dumb questions. I did
look at the archives for answers to both questions and have tried numerous
times to revert to the old system but have not been successful.

Even if you were a total geek, the Archos isn't a computer and comes with
minimal, no make that nearly useless, instructions, so I wouldn't fault you
for asking questions.

> Please advise,
> Thank you again for any help,
> Daniel B.

Received on 2003-01-30

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