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Subject: Re: Bookmarks

Re: Bookmarks

From: Björn Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 08:13:33 +0100

Benjamin wrote:
> My preference is to keep the * as the separator because it's one
> of the few characters not usable on the Windows OS for a file or
> directory name.

That's not a problem if you put the path+filename last on the line. No matter which separator you choose, you will always have a problem trying to split free-text like filenames. So don't try; put it last on the line.

> Also, there are now two fields that are text based,
> first the path/name and the second is the MP3 title

Don't split the path, use /path/file.mp3. If someone wants to split it later, it's done with a simple call to strrchr().

> I didn't want to have to read through a file just to find the single
> auto-bookmark located 2/3rd of the way down. Keeping it in a fixed,
> guaranteed location reduces the number of reads.

Yeah, but it doesn't work if you create a bookmark manually for a file that doesn't have an auto-bookmark. The next time you play that file with auto-bookmark enabled, your manually created bookmark will be destroyed.

> >- Move all strings to the english.lang file
> I'll need help with this one as I'm not very familiar with the lang
> file structure and concept.

It's very simple. Add these lines to lang/english.lang for each new string:

desc: Description of when and how the string is used (for translators)
eng: "The actual string"

Then in the code, you use the string as this:


> >- Fix the code to work on players too
> I've avoid doing this because I don't have access to a player.

We have a simulator for this purpose. It handles all GUI issues like the real thing.

> >Additionally, I want to separate between file and playlist bookmarks.
> I believe these should be the same for simplicity. The way I understand
> it, the Rockbox code treats a directory as a playlist, playing each
> file in the directory, even if the user wants to play one file (unless
> they set Repeat One). Is this incorrect?

That is correct, but that is not how the users perceive it. I, as a user, wish to bookmark a specific position in a specific song. The next time I hear that song, I want to be able to go to my bookmark. I don't care which playlist I played the song from when the bookmark was created. I bookmarked the song, not the playlist.

> My main concern with a centralized is the duplication of the file name

I agree. We'll have to ask the proponents of centralised bookmarks how they want it.

Received on 2003-01-30

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