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Subject: Re: Questions
From: Andrew Jamieson (
Date: 2003-01-30

> > Second: Do you recommend jogging or running with the Recorder 20? I am
> afraid I might cause a head crash or something of the sort with all the
> jarring. When I did run with it a few times with the original operating
> system it would always lock up on me, I have not tried it since installing
> Rockbox. I am more worried about messing up the unit than anything else.
> Nope, I don't recommend it at all. Get a flash based player for the rough
> stuff! Take your Archos everywhere, walking, driving (on road), planes,
> trains, busses, and maybe even bicycling on smooth roads. If you go
> running, off road driving, mountian biking or bungee jumping, leave it at
> home. There are a number of 128MB flash based players that can be had for
> reasonable prices, and some can be upgraded to 256 inexpensively with SM
> CF cards. That's about 4 hours at 128kbps, so unless you are a marathon
> runner, you won't hear the same song twice. :) JMO (maybe not so humble)
> ;)

I've used my AJB jogging, and it works fine for me, so long as I hold it in
my hand to minimise shocks (doubles as a running weight :) If your not
prepared to hold it in your hand, then I would be very suprised if you could
get it work.

I also often use my player whilst riding on bumpy concrete, or well trod
dirt paths with no problem.


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