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Subject: RE: favorites list
From: Holger Lembke (
Date: 2003-02-03

> And many other people simply never
> finds these features.

My 2 c for the ajbr:

f1: setup/config menu (like it is today)
f2: 'toggle' menu
    condensing the current f2/f3 toggles
    (like discussed before)
f3: 'hit' menu

lets explain f3:

all the variouse functions, all the combi-button-things as a list. up/down
to browse, play to execute (same as this buttons would have been pressed).
list items get a symbolic button graphic to recognize the button.

this would have the benefit for casual users: they can learn the functions
while they use them. they don't have to look them up in a never-up-to-date
manual (or a manual that is @home). and the old one can refresh their

Holger Lembke

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