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Subject: Re: my only problem so far...
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-02-04

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> What I *think* might be happening, is that the mpeg thread is tricked into
> believing that this is a low-bitrate song and thus it adjusts the watermarks
> a bit on the brave side to make the best use of your mmemory before it spins
> up the disk, but as the song really is using a lot more bits than the mpeg
> thread initially thought, it runs out of buffer before it has spun up the
> disk and re-filled the buffer to keep on playing.
> To say if this is likely or not, I need Linus to comment.

I definitely think you are correct, Daniel. I am working on a new
ID3/Xing/VBRI handler that may work better with headerless VBR files. It
will also contain a function for adding a Xing header to a headerless file.


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