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Subject: FM Recorder has hardware battery charging
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-02-09

I promised Linus a birthday present earlier, and here it is!

My testing today has shown that the FM Recorder has hardware battery
charging, so that Rockbox can forget about the charging algorithm.

I first of all tested with deep-discharge on, and that seemed to show
this, so I built a test firmware with HAVE_CHARGE_CTRL undefined, and this
confirmed it over several tests.

I attach a patch file (nopower.diff) which updates 2 copies of
config-fmrecorder.h (local and export copies), and also makes minor
changes to 2 other files which had linking errors because some parts
called functions which were no longer defined. I have tested that these
modifications compile and link for player and recorder, but due to lack of
hardware I cannot test these!

There will be some minor modifications to the debug/display code so that
the correct icons and statuses get shown when the charger in plugged and
unplugged, but these are minor cosmetics which I can look at over the next
day or two.

Hopefully a few other FM owners can download and test this, and report
back any problems. A compiled firmware can be downloaded from the link in
my sig.

The patch and firmware are both built from CVS code at about 14:50 earlier

The adc.c patch I posted a few days ago is still required to smooth out
the voltage displays, until someone comes up with a better method. This is
not included in the patch, but is included in the firmware I uploaded.

I'll send this now, so that it gets to the list on Linus' birthday - Happy
Birthday again!

Mike Holden

Mike Holden's Rockbox page:

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