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Subject: Re[3]: Fade patch (was: New Sid Firmware : Latest Bookmark, fade and F2-F3 patch included !)
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2003-02-09

However, please note that it will NEVER be able to cross-fade tracks.


EL> I was the one who did the fade patch. If you look at patch tracker you
EL> can get the latest version which includes a menu option to enable or
EL> disable it. (I don't know if Fred included it in his version) I can
EL> easily make it configurable too. Maybe I will get to it tonight.

EL> Right now it fades on pause/unpause/stop

EL> But like winamp it could also fade when ff or rewind and skipping
EL> forward or back tracks.

EL> -eric

B>> Fred, i _really_ like your fade patch. Just a couple questions about what
B>> is possible: Can fade times be adjustable via a menu option, as in Winamp,
B>> etc? Can it fade while skipping tracks, etc?
B>> Thanks,
B>> Brian

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