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Subject: RE: microphones

RE: microphones

From: Matthew P. OReilly <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 11:08:00 -0500

I (and some others on this list) have tried several different solutions for
recording with the Archos, including the Archos microphone. I for one like
the Archos mic; it seems to have fair frequency response, even for its small
size, and has been good for acoustic recording.

Yes, a preamp is necessary. Most microphones do not output a hot enough
signal for the Archos to pick up. The interesting thing about the Archos
solution is that the preamp is actually separate from the mic itself, and
uses a 3.5mm input from the mic - so you can use it with any microphone.
That's a nice feature.

AFAIK, the party question is really a function of whether the mic gets
overloaded. You can turn the Rockbox recording levels down very low, but if
the microphone diaphragm gets overmodulated, the recording will distort no
matter what.

I've never heard of a digital microphone! Do you have any information?

Yes, the line level from most consumer devices should be fine for the

There was also a discussion on this mailing list several months ago about
this - you can check the archives for relevant information.

J'espère ceci vous aide...


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From: []On
Behalf Of fille
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 10:00 AM
Subject: microphones

Hello ,

I own a Archos Jukebox recorder 20 . I noticed that , when i'm recording
sound with the internal microphone , it also records the sound of the
spinning disk, every now and then (but too often ;p ). I don't think
there's anything i can do about that . So i decided to buy an external
microphone. Now i have a few questions concerning this matter.

- does the microphone need a battery , or does the archos work with those
small microphones without a battery ? I was told it doesnt matter , but i
want to be sure.
- I saw Archos sells pre-amped mics for around 35 euro here . Did anyone
try it ? Or should e.g. a Sony be better ? Is a pre-amped microphone
necessary ?
- I want to record dj mixes at a local party , does the Archos deal with
too high incoming volumes ? Does it autocompress the sound or will i get ,
what is called in dutch : 'overstuwing' , a messy boosty sound , like when
you shift up the volume too high but your boxes cant handle it and start
sounding bad . If the answer is yes , how can i overcome that problem ?
- Can a digital microphone be used with the digital in ? Or is the word
digital misleading in this matter ?

something not about mics:
- Is it safe to use the line in directly from e.g. a television (with the
red and white from the tv to normal jack for the line-in) , or is their a
risk to blow up the Archos recorder?

Thanx chaps ,

Fille / Belgium
Received on 2003-02-16

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