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Subject: Re: A bug in Fred's build of FM Rockbox
From: Mike Holden (
Date: 2003-02-15

TP Diffenbach said:
> Fred's FM Rockbock build (Test-fm-13-02-2003.ajz) has a bug: if the
> Archos is left idle (but unpaused) for about 15 minutes, the screen
> ceases to update -- but still displays --, and the buttons fail to work
> (except for the hardware reset available through holding down the "Off"
> button for >= 5 seconds).
> Interestingly, my "Idle Poweroff" setting is 15 minutes, so I'm guessing
> it's a bug in the shutdown code.

Despite previous comments on this thread, this bug is actually in the
current CVS branch, as I get the same problem if I enable Idle Poweroff.

It is always worth checking this out before submitting bug reports, so
that we can be sure whether the problem is in the main code, or due to an
unsupported patch. This is especially true when using a firmware that
contains several patches from different sources, such as the ones Fred is

I repeat, this is a bug in the main code, not due to an external patch!

Mike Holden

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