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Subject: Queue function interface
From: Tubby Bartles (
Date: 2003-02-16

I just tried the latest daily build. It seems pretty
good, but the queue function interface is now awfully
cumbersome. Hit one wrong button to delete a file
instead of queue it?

It seems very odd to combine file operations
(delete/rename) with normal music player operations
(queue). Any chance we could just set the "forward"
button on the recorder to automatically queue the file
instead of having to do a 2 step process involving 3
button presses (on/play, play -- and you even have to
pause in between. If you press it very quickly, it
just plays it instead of queueing it and ruins the
whole queue).

Just a thought -- I really like the functionality, but
the interface to get to it is awfully clumsy right


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