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Subject: Re: Please test new Recorder UI + sound sliders
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2003-02-18

getting out of menus does not work as advertised. Usually I have to
hit ON for this to work.

I have been getting random resets too.

I do like the graphical sliders (the top 10% of each slider bar is
grayscale (neat!), but overall this interface is quite confusing for
me. I am pretty used to the old interface though.

I think that a full graphical interface (ala nokia) would be a great
addition! Maybe with an option?


JC> I compiled a version of rockbox with a simplified user interface
JC> and a new Sound Sliders screen. I did it because I don't like the
JC> current UI and was losing my hope that anyone else would do it.
JC> I want to be able to control the archos without looking at the LCD
JC> when I ride my bike to work every morning.
JC> Please have a go and say if you like it.


JC> Global keys:

JC> F1 = Sound Sliders
JC> F2 = Menu
JC> F3 = WPS (Browse when not playing)
JC> On = Browse

JC> Other keys:

JC> Play/Pause = Play/Pause
JC> Off = Stop
JC> UP, Down = Up, Down
JC> Right, Left = Enter menu/folder, Leave menu/folder
JC> Play = Play (Play Folder should be implemented)

JC> This is for test/discussion purposes only. It's a quick hack I did
JC> this afternoon and it's not intended to be perfect.

JC> Joaquim

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