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Subject: Re: not charging
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing (
Date: 2003-02-19

Kevin Wimberly wrote:
> I'm using th 2/17 daily build in my 15GB JB. I had it plugged in and was
> charging while listening to music. I accidentally yanked the plug. After
> plugging it back in it seems that the firmware is no longer recognizing the
> charge. It says that it's plugged in (light staying on/plug icon), but it's
> slowly counting down the battery percent.

How far does it count? It will not restart the charging again until the
voltage drops below 90% or 10% (deep discharge).

> When I boot to the 1.4 release,
> the battery is staying at 100%, but it doesn't do the animated charging
> icon. If I shut down Rockbox and display the Archos charging screen for
> awhile and then boot back into Rockbox - the battery shows 100% again!!

This is normal. The battery voltage will be at the 100% level even if
the batteries aren't fully charged. This is how those batteries work.


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