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Subject: Re: Experimental new UI for the Recorder
From: roland (
Date: 2003-02-19

Hi Joaquim !

Your changes are very very nice !
I like it - but I need to get used to the different key-mapping :)

> - Graphical sound setup with vertical sliders 5 + 2 bars
this is VERY cool !
The scrolling to the last 2 bars is a little bit "funny", though - actually
I think the display is big enough to hold all 7 bars on ONE screen.
Integrating some numerical represantation of the settings would be helpful,
I think about this and will post my ideas in form of some "fake pics", if
somebody would
like this.

> - Linear volume setup
Is there an advantage/disadvantage of this ?

> - Cleaner icons (volume and others)
the music-note icon for mp3 files really looks good ! I like it.

> - Inverted video cursor line
hey - this was a suggestion I made some time ago. thank you for implementing
What about extending inverted line, so that icons also being inverted ?
I find this would be more consequently !

> - More responsive keyboard
this is nice,anyway!

thanks for your work !
I hope all the best of it will go into official rockbox release soon !

----- Original Message -----
From: "Joaquim Carvalho" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2003 7:19 PM
Subject: Experimental new UI for the Recorder

> I made the a few last changes that make me 100% happy with the
> Recorder user interface. Please download, try and comment.
> Complete list of changes:
> - Graphical sound setup with vertical sliders
> 5 + 2 bars
> to go to the 2 right bars [Right] must be pressed for 1/2 sec
> - Linear volume setup
> - Cleaner icons (volume and others)
> - Inverted video cursor line
> - More responsive keyboard
> - Global Keys
> ON=Browse
> F1=Sound_Setup
> F2=Menu
> F3=WPS, browse when stopped
> - Play/Pause=Play/Pause always, except when browsing
> - Stop=Stop always
> Joaquim

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