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Subject: Fonts and progressbar
From: Jens Hatlak (
Date: 2003-02-20

Hello everybody,

I'm new to the list and would like to start over with two questions.
FYI: I'm having a player model (Jukebox Studio 20).

1) I cannot switch fonts (*.fnt). Downloaded them all and tried to
"play" some of them - nothing happened. :-/

2) How does patch approval work in this project? I don't plan to submit
patches myself but am interested in patch 674921 (Full-line Progressbar
with time-display for Player) which could maybe have some (design)
overhaul but looks quite neat apart from that.

BTW: You advise people to make a .rockbox directory and store default
settings there. No word about problems there: You cannot create a
directory with a leading period using Explorer (I used MS-DOS prompt)
and with default Rockbox conf the dir doesn't show up... Finally figured
it out, but those two things were quite tricky.

Thx for this great project, enjoying it for months now. :-)

Jens Hatlak <>
Jugendnetz Frankfurt Adminteam <>

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