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Subject: Re: Recorder experimental new UI, Sound Sliders and larger Tetrissource code

Re: Recorder experimental new UI, Sound Sliders and larger Tetrissource code

From: roland <>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2003 04:04:31 +0100

Hi Joaquim,

tried the new release. congratulations - superb !

regarding soundmenu patch - i`m still a little bit "torn" (is this the right
word?). I like "sliders" based controls - but regarding abbreviated
description, i think especially internationalization is not an easy task.
Meanwhile rockbox supports 16(+?) languages!
Also keep in mind, that RB has customizable fonts.
For this patch being integrated, your sound_menu.patch at least needs to
support variable language.

Are all people from foreign countries happy with 3 chars for describing a
"settings parameter" like volume, treble, bass, balance.... ?

(BTW: does someone know the english counterpart of the german word "AküFi"
(Abkürzfimmel) - it somewhat has the meaning of "extreme usage of
abbreviations whith the result of a lack of understanding" - BTW/2 - there
comes into my mind: What does PCMCIA mean ? (P)eople (C)an`t (M)emorize
(C)omputer (I)ndustry`s (A)cronyms :)

If I wouldn`t know rockbox that good, I wouldn`t even know what Lou, SBa,
AVC and Cha means. (and that`s just englisch!)

Good UI Design is a difficult task - but perhaps we should keep in mind,
that a good UI should be:

- cleanly designed
- consequently designed (a widget in dialog A should`t be too much different
to a widget in dialog B, if both have similar function). Hey, this is ONE
reason why M$Windows was/is a great succes. If a user wants to open a file -
it usually is always the same, regardless which program he uses. (unless he
uses some programs of guys like "KAI Krause(Metacreations a.k.a. "enfant
terrible of software ergonomy" :)
- self explanatory

My personal opinion is, that it could be a difficult "official way into
rockbox" for this patch because of this.

Nevertheless, may I give my personal vote for a "patch release order" ?

1. Inverted line cursor patch
2. tetris patch
3. improved icons (BTW: can you tell/show in more detail what changed?)
....others (I hope i have time to comment this later)

I also like your new ideas (a...d) very much.


> - ui.patch
> - Global keys [On] [F1] [F2] [F3] go to
> Brouse Sound_Sliders Menu and WPS screens
> - Inverted line cursor
> - Improved some icons
> - Volume setup "linearized" for very low volume levels
> Resolution has not been lost above 60%
> - also contains the tetris and sound sliders patch
> - tetris.patch
> Larger graphics for Tetris (doubled graphics area)
> Vertical orientation
> Enter key rotates
> - sound_menu.patch
> Graphic vertical sliders for sound setup
> 5 slivers on the screen
> Vol Bas Tre Bal Lou
> Position the cursor at the right slider and press
> right for 1 sec to access the right extra 3 sliders
> SBa AVC Cha
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> For a quick test the binary is available at:
> (I don't know if it's OK to post 150k on the list)
> The complete patched 1.4 source code is available at:
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> Things I plan to do next:
> a)
> 1979 HeadOn(Coin-Op) by Sega/Gremlin look alike game,
> perfect match for the Recorder lcd screen, one of the
> most exciting games I have ever played. I have the
> source code I did to run on another device, it's
> easy to port it to the Recorder
> b)
> Play everything inside a folder (random/sequential)
> c)
> Cleanup/better integrate my code to allow for future improvements
> d)
> User definable shortcut "long" keys
> [Long On]
> [Long F1]
> [Long F2]
> [Long F3]
> A nice side-effect of the Global keys is that a sequence like
> [F2][Down][Right][Right] takes us to the Tetris game every time :)
> I plan to let the users record key sequences and assign them to a
> user-definable "long" key.
> Joaquim
Received on 2003-02-22

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